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300 Different Types of Headache… Are There 300 Different Causes Too?

Over 300 types of headache have been described – but are there really 300 different causes of headache? Maybe the […]

Devastated by Back Pain

My life was devastated by back pain but now I’m playing football with my kids again…thanks to IDD Therapy Scott […]

Uncontrolled Movement – Pain, Injury and Treatment

The Concept of Relative Flexibility and Stiffness The term relative flexibility refers to the theory that during movement the body […]

Bench Press and Shoulder pain

Are there any precautions we should be taking when bench pressing? Should we be sticking to single arm standing cable […]

5 reasons massage is not just about pampering yourself!

Massage helps to: 1.Relieve Pain – stiff tight muscles can lead to pain 2.Promote Better Sleep– reduce tension, improve relaxation and […]

IDD Therapy – Spinal Decompression – New treatment for bulging herniated and slipped discs

Well it’s here! Our IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression machine arrived two weeks ago. We feel very excited to be in […]

Muscle Stretching – more harm than good?

Stretching we all do it, but is it really necessary? Stretching became very fashionable in the 1980’s, there wasn’t a […]

Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre – Assessment, Treatment & Pain Relief

In a new article on the partner pages of the Sports and Spinal Physio website, friends and web partners, Whitley […]

Jean’s Neck Pain

Jean’s Neck pain   Jean attended the clinic a few months back with right sided neck pain. Jean’s story is […]

Gareth Bale’s Ankle Sprain

I am sure many of you would have heard about or seen Gareth Bales ankle injury, if not follow this […]

Trainer Trouble…

Trainer trouble! I wanted to share a patient story with you that is quite common around this time of year.  […]

Benefits of massage

The benefits of massage Massage is known as one of the oldest healing traditions. One of the immediate benefits of […]