Conditions Treated

We treat many different conditions at Sports and Spinal Physio and it is beyond our website to list all of them. This page provides information on just some of the conditions we see and gives a brief outline as to the various treatments available. To read about some of the more common injuries we treat at the clinic, please click the body part that you are interested in knowing more about. Should you require more information please contact us via our Contact Page and someone will get back to you promptly.

Patient Undergoing Treatment Lower Back

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What Our Patients Say

Lindsey 34 Hutton, Essex “I was in 10 out of 10 back pain... now after my treatment I am feeling much better and am back in the gym using the cross trainer and stair master again”
Jane 38 Brentwood, Essex “I was suffering from debilitating headaches 3 times a week... the hands on treatment was really good even after the first session I felt amazing! Now I feel fantastic!”
Mark 41 Langdon Hills, Essex “You isolated the problem to damage in my lower disc... It’s now hugely better and I am back to football”


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