Soft Tissue Therapy & Sports Massage

Aches, pains and knotty muscles… we all get them from time to time. Whether it’s through the stress and strain of daily life or secondary to competing in your recent triathlon they can really grind you down.

How does massage work?

Massage has been shown to reduce chronic stress and work tension, improve blood flow, reduce muscle pain following exercise, improve concentration, work and sporting performance, and will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

What type of massage do I need?

At Sports and Spinal Physio we are able to provide different massage techniques to suit your requirements.

  • Remedial Massage – to sooth aching and tight muscles
  • Sports Massage – to really get into those tight knots and stiff muscles to help prepare you for sport or ease you after!

Techniques used include:

  • Effleurage and Petrissage
  • Deep Transverse Friction
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuro Muscular Techniques
  • Muscle Energy Techniques

We use a structured approach to assess your problem and a range of massage and advanced soft tissue techniques to treat it.

When necessary your massage can be used in combination with your physiotherapy rehabilitation programme to speed up recovery.

Patient Undergoing Treatment on Bed

Why choose Sports and Spinal Physio for your massage?

  • Our range – Sports, Remedial and Myofascial massages are all available.
  • Your massage will be tailored with key areas of focus chosen by you and your therapist.
  • Safe, Professional, Medical environment.
  • There’s nothing like the professional hands of an advanced massage therapist that knows your body and understands your pre-existing conditions and injuries.
  • An expert, qualified Physiotherapist is on hand to work with your massage therapist should the need arise, providing professional integrated medical care.
Patient Undergoing Neck Treatment

Massage Treatment – The Value of a Professional, Expert Masseur

In the age of “massage chair” and the high street masseuse, the importance of expertise and professional knowledge in massage has never been greater. Sporting clubs, athletes, and massage devotees see our expert massage therapist for a reason: because we are experts in our field and know your body, ensuring the best outcome in every case.

The Sports & Spinal Physio Team

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What Our Patients Say

Lindsey 34 Hutton, Essex “I was in 10 out of 10 back pain... now after my treatment I am feeling much better and am back in the gym using the cross trainer and stair master again”
Jane 38 Brentwood, Essex “I was suffering from debilitating headaches 3 times a week... the hands on treatment was really good even after the first session I felt amazing! Now I feel fantastic!”
Mark 41 Langdon Hills, Essex “You isolated the problem to damage in my lower disc... It’s now hugely better and I am back to football”


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