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The 3 biggest mistakes people make when treating shoulder pain

We have seen so many sore shoulders this month we have started calling it shoulder month! 

We see lots of people who have experienced failed treatment or shoulder surgery. 

However when we delve deeper it turns out that the treatment and rehabilitation provided just hasn’t been good enough, or that the person has simply given up too early as they they thought it just would not get better. 

Shoulder problems are tricky to fix and people often dive into surgery too soon (mainly because they have given up on the normal rehabilitation and healing process). 

However with the right approach and a great deal of patience shoulders are very fixable…

The most common shoulder problem we see is Shoulder Impingement closely followed by (and often as a result of) is Capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”).  

Dan has created 2 short videos on the subject matter which are listed below. 

If you or someone you know has a shoulder issue we would be more than happy to take a look / chat on the phone to see if we can help (just reply to this and we will get in touch!).


Mean while here are two videos for you to watch.