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Devastated by Back Pain

My life was devastated by back pain but now I’m playing football with my kids again…thanks to IDD Therapy

Scott Bryan from Chingford thought his days as a scaffolder were numbered when the back pain he’d suffered with for years finally took its toll.

“I suffered on and off with lower back pain and grinding sciatica in my leg for a few years but last year the episodes became more severe and sometimes my leg would actually go numb when I stood for too long.”

Scott’s condition became progressively worse and soon the intermittent pain became constant – eventually he couldn’t sleep and the manual nature of his job as a scaffolder became impossible, forcing him to take time off work.

“I was in so much pain I could hardly walk and was only sleeping for a couple of hours a night.  I needed to take painkillers every day but even with regular medication, the pain was too much for me to bear – and I’m a big strong bloke!  The most heartbreaking thing was not being able to play football with my sons – my family tried to stay positive but I know they were worried about me.”

Scott’s GP suggested various manual treatments before putting him in touch with a back pain consultant who diagnosed him with a herniated disc and decided that surgery was the answer.

“My doctor sent me for some osteopathy and acupuncture sessions but they didn’t help and an operation was the last thing I needed – being self-employed, I couldn’t afford the time off work for a start!

I couldn’t see a future without the pain and I was feeling very despondent.  I decided to ask my old school friend and physiotherapist, Dan Smith for some advice – I didn’t realise that Dan was actually offering a non-invasive treatment specifically for disc problems and sciatica called IDD Therapy.”

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a non-invasive treatment involving the gentle drawing apart of specific spinal segments where discs are damaged or herniated (bulging). This relieves pain by taking pressure off targeted discs and any trapped nerves and helps to relieve muscle spasm.

After a review of Scott’s recent MRI scan, Dan confirmed a large disc bulge pressing on some nerves in his spine and he decided that Scott was an ideal candidate for the IDD Therapy programme.

“I felt so relieved when Dan told me I could be treated with IDD Therapy.  He explained that the damage to my disc was quite severe and would need several treatments but with every session the pain eased and I became steadily more mobile.  After the third session I was walking a lot easier and by the 15th I was able to go back to work.     IDD

I finished my treatment programme a couple of weeks ago and I’m feeling fantastic; my pain has drastically reduced and I’m able to walk, drive and sleep properly.  I still have to take care of my back and avoid heavy lifting but this is nothing compared to the debilitation I suffered before my treatment.

Best of all, I’ve just had a great Easter break with my family and been able to play footie with the boys again.  It’s really not an exaggeration to say that IDD Therapy has changed my life completely.  Without it I’d still be in agony on a four month waiting list for a back operation…”



70-80% of patients make a significant improvement with IDD Therapy   

Sports & Spinal Physio is part of a network of UK IDD Therapy Spine Centres.  More than 19,000 IDD treatments have been carried out in the UK with clinicians reporting significant improvement in 70-80% of patients.

Clinic Director Dan Smith is delighted with his IDD Therapy patient outcomes

“It’s wonderful to see patients like Scott making such an excellent improvement with IDD Therapy and getting their lives back to normal.  I‘d advise anyone suffering with persistent back pain, neck pain or sciatica to come along for a FREE 15 minute chat to find out more about the treatment and whether it can help them.”

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