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The 3 Biggest Causes of Pain

Back in December 2019 Scott Cook and I decided to record a video on the subject of pain and sensitivity for our patients to view,  what was originally meant to be a 10 minute talk ended up being a 30 minute discussion that was divided into three shorter 10 minute videos.

We tried to get inside the patients head and talk in a way that hopefully non-medical people will understand.

When someone is in pain there are lots of unseen or an acknowledged reasons for the pain to present itself in the way it does and in many cases to persist for the length of time.

In our short physiotherapy sessions it is often difficult to get these points across, so recording them on video allows us to share them with our patients and for the patients to view these videos in their own time on their own terms.

In these information videos we aim to explain how contributing factors can increase pain levels, prevent pain from resolving and lead to chronic long term pain. We will discuss the physical, mental and lifestyle/social influences that need to be addressed if a person is to move away from pain. While we cannot provide a full list of solutions to everyone’s contributing factors we will aim to provide some self help ideas that you can take away and immediately use to help you on your road

In this first part we discuss the physical contributing factors to pain such as bio-mechanics, movement, strength, flexibility and tissue loading.


In the second part we discuss the psychological contributing factors to pain such as anxiety, stress and sleep.

The final part is all about fear as a psychological contributing factor to pain and we address lifestyle and social factors that can play a part too.

We hope you enjoy the videos and can find something the resonates with you or someone you know. Feel free to share these with others too!


Dan Smith BSc (Hons) Phys MCSP