Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Are you about to undergo some surgery… maybe a hip or knee replacement?
  • Have you just left hospital after some surgery and are looking for some post operative physiotherapy?

If you answered yes to either question then we can most definitely help you.

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Prehab (pre-surgical rehabilitation) is a course of exercise rehabilitation used to strengthen and prepare the body prior to a surgical procedure, to ensure that the best possible outcome can be achieved. The course of exercise should ideally be started 3-4 months prior to the surgery to facilitate maximum strength, co-ordination and functional gains. Initial assessment is required to discover key areas to focus on.

Strengthening helps to accelerate post operative recovery making it easier to get back on your feet and complete your post operative exercises after your surgery.

Strengthening improves muscle tone and quality of tissue around your operation site. Surgeons favour this as it often makes their job easier and improves their outcomes (low toned deconditioned muscles are more challenging to stitch and repair!). One study suggests that prehab can reduce your odds of in hospital rehabilitation by 73%!

If you are stronger before surgery you will make a faster recovery and reduce the time taken to get fully back on your feet.

Prehab can be undertaken with your physiotherapist in the clinic, completed at home or with your personal trainer. It is important to ensure that we identify the correct muscles, movements or inflexibilities to make your programme bespoke to your needs.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Our highly qualified staff have experience working with post-operative patients in a hospital inpatient and outpatient setting. We have seen hundreds of patients following surgery. Typical procedures include:

  • Total hip replacements
  • Total knee replacements
  • Ankle ligament reconstruction
  • Spinal discectomy
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Shoulder arthroscopy

Many surgeons agree that the outcome of their surgery is mostly dictated by the quality and consistency of the aftercare and rehab. For this reason it is important that anyone undergoing surgery start their rehab immediately or as soon as feasibly possible and that their commitment and consistency is 100%!

Benefits of Post Operative Rehabilitation

  • Improved pain management
  • Restoration of function to return you to normal
  • Walking (and running re-education)
  • Strengthening and conditioning of muscles
  • Stretching of tight muscles and loosening of stiff joints
  • Helping you to regain independence
  • General recovery advice, supporting you on your recovery to full health
  • Reduced anxiety and fear knowing we are here to help you on your journey

We have a fully equipped studio and gym on site where we can provide all the necessary rehabilitation for you injury and recovery.

Patient Undergoing Treatment

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What Our Patients Say

Lindsey 34 Hutton, Essex “I was in 10 out of 10 back pain... now after my treatment I am feeling much better and am back in the gym using the cross trainer and stair master again”
Jane 38 Brentwood, Essex “I was suffering from debilitating headaches 3 times a week... the hands on treatment was really good even after the first session I felt amazing! Now I feel fantastic!”
Mark 41 Langdon Hills, Essex “You isolated the problem to damage in my lower disc... It’s now hugely better and I am back to football”


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