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5 reasons massage is not just about pampering yourself!

Patient Receiving a Sports Massage

Massage helps to:

1.Relieve Pain – stiff tight muscles can lead to pain
2.Promote Better Sleep– reduce tension, improve relaxation and affect the hormones that help us drift off to sleep.
3.Relieve Mild Depression – stress increases our level of cortisol, this hormone affects our mood. Massage reduces tension and stress and has the potential to rebalance our hormone levels.
4.Reduce Post Exercise Soreness – Massage helps to flush away the build up of lactic acid and other metabolites that cause post exercise soreness.
5.Improve Circulation – Massage improves circulation and lymph drainage.

In addition to these 5 benefits we use massage to loosen up the stiff bits in your body that limit your movement and cause you to compensate with with movement elsewhere. It is these compensations that cause pain. So it works great with your physio treatment too!

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