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Headaches or Migraine With Exercise?

As this is our first blog I thought I’d start with an interesting story about a common problem occurring in an unusual setting.

Last year we saw a young guy who was experiencing severe headaches after exercise. An initial feeling of tiredness overheating and altered vision towards the end of his workout was followed by a severe headache around his temple. The pain was so severe that he often needed to lie down for up to 14 hours to help alleviate the symptoms. Sometimes the pain would last for 3 days and prevent him going to work. On assessing him we found that his neck rotation to one side was reduced and accompanied by some discomfort.

Close inspection of his upper neck revealed some asymmetry of the vertebra. In particular the second vertebra was being pulled to one side (rotated) by muscle spasm deep within the neck. Over the course of a couple of months we treated his neck using a combination of hands on techniques, exercises and postural correction. By 8 weeks his neck was pain free and he had full range of movement. The second vertebra was normally positioned and there was no discomfort when using hands on techniques to his neck. At this point he returned to sport without any further headaches and we are pleased to say continues to do so!

If you or anyone you know sufferers with headaches or migraines please get in touch via our contact us page as we can probably help you too!