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Disc Herniation and IDD Therapy – Case study!

Fred first came to our clinic in August 2021 complaining of lower back and left lower limb symptoms due to a low lumbar disc herniation with nerve root impingement at L5/S1 level. At only 33, he already has a longstanding history of back problems which he particularly associated with prolong sitting, driving, bending and lifting. Although he has tried multiple type of interventions, nothing seemed to help on the long run; in part, this was due to his work which involves a lot of sitting, driving and lifting.

Disc Herniation & IDD Therapy
IDD Therapy



His main goal at the time was to return back to training in the gym, reduce his pain, if possible, prevent any future recurrence and all together build up more confidence regarding moving and using his lower back. After a few discussions we decide that the best course of action would be to complete a 20 sessions course of IDD treatment combine with rehabilitation/ specific exercises. At the end of his IDD course (6 weeks after arriving at our clinic) his pain and symptoms were much improved and he was already working on returning to gym.

He carried on with his rehabilitation coming in once every 2 weeks for another 2 months and it was at this point that we were happy to discharge him with a specifically tailored self-management plan to help him further progress and challenge himself and also help him prevent any future episodes of pain. At the time of the discharged Fred reported he was managing all his work-related tasks very well with minimal to no symptoms at all.